Lambda prints mounted on Dibond, 119 x 100 cm and 113 x 95 cm
Inkjetprint, framed, 119 x 74 cm
Des Espace Autres - Of Other Spaces
Photographic installation, mixed media, Leopold Barracks, Ghent (BE), 2009, room-filling set-up
The images taken inside the barracks are transferred to the exhibition space in the military encampment – as the title already reveals, the Foucaultian concept of 'heterotopia', 'otherness' – as a way of implanting, shifting and replicating elements in such a way, that the two different settings mirror themselves. The exhibition space recalls a pentagonal scale model with a floor made of temporary wooden boards showing traces of use and a wooden mantelpiece that no longer has a function. The windows are at such height that there is no view of the outside world. Directed by the way light falls into the room, shadows dance across the works.​​​​​​​