Two site-specific installations in an abandoned wing of St. Paulus Museum Dr. Guislain,
Ghent (Belgium), 2009

St. Paulus, video projection showing a composition of open doors, light and shadows, life-size

Temporary walls separate the long hallway from its adjacent bedrooms after reconstruction in the 1980s
changed the building’s original structure, based on the plans of Dr. Guislain to create two large sleeping
quarters with smaller observation chambers in the middle. Nowadays, some of the rooms are in use, while
others await the transformation from psychiatric hospital to museum. The hallway seems to expand through
the projection, contemplating its potential transition.

Room 19, drawings with charcoal, colour pencils and watercolours, drawing pins, holes, infiltrating light,
room-filling set-up

Room 19 is marked by the memories of its former inhabitant, recognizable in the bleached spots on the wall
and the drawing-pin holes, which suggest a map of an inner landscape. By repeating and adding previous
stains, small clusters of marks and drawing-pin punctures, the missing images, the absent person and the
longing for the past is emphasized. In order to bring back the memories, light appears through holes in the
fake walls.