Heimsuchen (The House)
Interventions in a manor house, mixed media, Ghent (Belgium), 2007–08, house-filling set-up

Through an archaeological investigation, the layers of the house’s history are revealed, or contrarily
concealed, camouflaged and reconstructed by digging into walls, floors and ceilings. Layers of wallpaper
have been scraped off, cut off and carved into. Surfaces are varnished or prepared with dust. Holes left by
former fireplaces are stuffed with material; such elements as electrical sockets are replicated and reinstalled.
Thick carpets are shaved and hair is felted into them. A cake is made based on the decorative elements of the
interior. Some of the more subtle interventions are only visible from a specific perspective, or disappear the
longer the visitor stays in the space. Visitors are welcomed and guided through a collection of rooms.