Photographic installation, series of photographic images, daylight, Leopold Barracks, Ghent (Belgium), 2009

The images taken in the barracks are transferred to the exhibition space in the military settlement as a way of
implanting, shifting and replicating elements so that the two different settings mirror themselves. The exhibition
space recalls a pentagonal scale model with a floor made of temporary wooden boards showing traces of use
and a wooden mantelpiece that no longer has a function. The windows are at such a height that there is no
view to the outside world. Depending on the way light falls in the room, a play of shadows overlaps the works.

Windows, lambda prints mounted on Dibond, 119 x 100 cm and 113 x 95 cm
A diptych of wooden, friable window frames shows an amorphous and abstract pattern of cell structures.
The framing is slightly staggered as if there has been a small movement in the image or the view of the visitor
moving through the exhibition space.

Shelf, inkjet print, framed, 119 x 74 cm
A fragment of a shelf on a wall appears as empty as the viewless windows. The shelf cuts into the surface of
the wall with its sharp edge and gradually reveals its reference to an unusable wooden mantelpiece in the
exhibition space.